Management Members

Daniel Frendo

Manager - Legal & International Relations

Daniel Frendo is the Manager responsible for the Legal & International Relations Section within Legal Affairs.

The responsibilities of this Section can be broadly split into 3 pillars: Assisting with the formulation of AML/CFT policies and ensuring that the national AML/CFT legal framework is kept up-to-date. This includes the drafting and revising of primary and secondary legislative instruments as required.
He is also tasked with the strengthening of the Unit’s international relations, including through attending and participating in various International fora, as well as by negotiating and concluding agreements such as MoUs with foreign counterparts and other foreign competent authorities; and with providing general legal counsel and assistance to the FIAU and its various Sections as required.

Dr Frendo joined the FIAU in April 2017 as a Legal & International Relations Officer, promoted to a Senior Officer in November 2018 and has been tasked with managing the same Section in January 2020. A lawyer by profession, Dr Frendo held a number of legal positions with entities within both the Public and Private Sector.

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