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One of the FIAU’s functions is to promote the training of personnel employed with any subject person in respect of any matter, obligation or activity relevant to the prevention of money laundering or funding of terrorism.

In order to facilitate the identification of AML/CFT training opportunities for subject persons and their personnel, in this section of our website, the FIAU provides a non-exhaustive schedule of training events and courses that are scheduled to take place over the course of the next month and aimed towards professionals interested in learning more about AML/CFT obligations and increasing their awareness on AML/CFT compliance.  If you’re interested in any of the courses listed on this page, please follow the link provided for the respective course.

These courses are not organized or endorsed by the FIAU, and their content is not vetted by the Unit.  


For FIAU-organised courses

Upcoming Courses

The Risk-Based Approach: Handling High Risk Situations

Although a Subject Person’s risk assessment should help it identify where it should focus its AML/CFT risk management efforts, both at customer take-on and for the duration of the business relationship, what enhanced due diligence actually entails will be dependent on the nature and severity of the risk. The session will deal with specific high-risk

Due Diligence in Practice - Getting Your Hands Dirty

This course is designed to familiarise attendees with the practical  and real life circumstances of implementing a robust due diligence  process. The customer due diligence process (CDD) involves much  more than carrying our research using the passport or other customer  data available using one of the various monitoring systems and  a ‘Google’ search. There are clear responsibilities that are related  to

Duties & Obligations of Company Services Providers

Participants will be walking through the current rules and regulations relating to Company Services Providers, the Obligations in terms of AML laws, rules and regulations and the changes which are envisaged following the MFSA consultation Raising the Bar for CSPs. OBJECTIVES OF THE SESSION:  Understanding the duties & obligations of CSPs Understanding AML requirements Understanding

Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorism Funding

The ideal course for Professionals who want to understand the concepts of money laundering and want to become aware of obligations arising under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act and other relevant legislation and guidelines. This course will enable the learner to Understand the concept of money laundering; Appreciate the importance of AML regulation in

The Compliance in Financial Services & MLRO Professional Certificate

The Compliance in Financial Services and MLRO Professional Certificate is designed to assist participants to attain knowledge in financial services regulations and the roles and responsibilities of compliance officers and MLROs within the financial services industry.Accreditation and MQF levelA CPD Award accredited with 4 ECTS credits (MQF Level 5) by the National Commission for Further

Award in Anti-Financial Crime

This course will teach staff best practice in how to identify and minimise risk of financial crime. By the end of the course, existing knowledge will have been enhanced considerably enabling improved performance in the workplace. Course DescriptionEarly detection can make a significant difference so the course provides practical advice on what to do in

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