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One of the FIAU’s functions is to promote the training of personnel employed with any subject person in respect of any matter, obligation or activity relevant to the prevention of money laundering or funding of terrorism.

In order to facilitate the identification of AML/CFT training opportunities for subject persons and their personnel, in this section of our website, the FIAU provides a non-exhaustive schedule of training events and courses that are scheduled to take place over the course of the next month and aimed towards professionals interested in learning more about AML/CFT obligations and increasing their awareness on AML/CFT compliance.  If you’re interested in any of the courses listed on this page, please follow the link provided for the respective course.

These courses are not organized or endorsed by the FIAU, and their content is not vetted by the Unit.  


For FIAU-organised courses

Upcoming Courses

IFS Malta Certifications

If you are interested in these courses, please download the IFS Malta enrolment form and send it to: [email protected] Enrolment FormCertificates & Specialist Certificates – These are all open courses so you can register at any time. You have up to 3 months to complete the course allowing you to study at your own pace. You

Managing Fraud Risk - Forensics and Effective Controls

Participants will learn about the various types of fraud and the modern threat landscape, in particular the important and developing danger of cyber crime. They will also be made aware of the motives and behaviours of fraudsters and so will be in a position to spot behavioural red flags. A key part of developing an

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