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M2032.1 - The FIAU Implementing Procedures Part II

During this introductory lecture speakers will be guided through the different sections of the Implementing Procedures Part II for Accountants and Auditors. The Implementing Procedures Part II tackles concepts which previously lacked sufficient clarity, such as the parameters of ‘relevant activity’ and ‘tax advice’, and the notion of the ‘external accountant’. The document also details

M2032.2 - Money Laundering in Practice

Part 1: Risk Factors and Mitigating MeasuresChapter 3 of the FIAU Implementing Procedures Part I requires subject persons to know the ML/FT risks they are exposed to, and to adopt measures, controls and procedures which are varied depending on the level and nature of the different risks. To adopt an effective risk-based approach towards AML/CFT

M2032.3 - The Practitioner’s Relationship with the FIAU

Part 1: From Suspicion to ReportingDuring this session, officers from the FIAU’s Financial Intelligence will explain the framework surrounding the obligation to report suspicious transactions, and will shed light on the procedure followed by the FIAU upon the receipt of a STR. Part 2: Supervision and EnforcementThe final session in this series will prepare accountants

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