Our Culture

Performance Management

The FIAU conducts yearly performance reviews on every staff member to promote efficiency and establish clear indicators of the Unit’s capabilities. The purpose of the performance appraisal is to foster employee motivation by establishing a common, shared purpose and vision. This also enables the Unit to assess career development in detail and manage succession planning.

Training & Development

The FIAU values training and development, and considers training a key factor for its staff members to grow, both on a personal and professional level. Thus, the Unit provides sponsorships and continuously encourages staff to participate in training, both locally and internationally, to enhance further their skill sets, which could lead to further progression in their career.

Equality at the workplace

Promoting equality at the workplace is vital for the FIAU. To reach this goal, the Unit abides by a set of policies and procedures. These ensure just and fair treatment in all circumstances where certain decisions are required to be taken.

Work-life balance

The FIAU cares about the wellbeing of its employees, and in our hyper-connected working world, the promotion of work-life balance is essential. This is reached through practising the Unit’s sets of policies and working conditions.


Working at the FIAU

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Jean Paul Spiteri

IT Systems Administrator

“I joined the FIAU back in 2015, as an IT Support Officer, my responsibilities include configuring hardware and software, setting up computers network or communication systems and assisting my colleagues. Working at the FIAU has been a real journey! It allowed me to build a strong knowledge base and advance in my career. In 5 years, I have witnessed many changes within this organisation, with new people joining and bringing in new ideas. The management team has always been welcoming, willing to help and provide what is best for the organisation and the team. There are structural processes in place, which provide direction and allows one to reach goals, targets and objectives. I believe this is one of the key elements of its success. I would like to thank everyone who welcomed me on-board and is contributing in any way towards my journey at the FIAU”.

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Kailey Ebejer

Manager - Intelligence Analysis

“I feel very proud to be working for the FIAU, particularly the FIAU’s Intelligence Analysis section, since our section is responsible for receiving, analysing and transmitting reports to the law enforcement authorities with a view to combat money laundering and the funding of terrorism. The work is challenging due to the diversity of each case. However, it is a factor that makes me feel constantly motivated and provides intrinsic rewards.I have a high level of job satisfaction because I feel respected, trusted and responsible, even because we are given a sense of freedom to take certain decisions and work independently on our cases. Additionally, I feel valued because I receive gratitude from my superior, I am provided with guidance when needed and I am offered learning and professional development opportunities. An additional bonus is that the FIAU offers a friendly environment not only within our department but also between the different departments, whereby staff engage in positive interactions with one another throughout the day.”

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Clara Borg Bonaci

Manager - Guidance & Outreach

“I see the FIAU as a place where everybody’s ideas are heard, and where initiative, problem solving and creativity are encouraged. This means that employees are valued for what they bring to the table. This positive environment allows you to discover and nurture your strengths, and to grow professionally. My advice to people joining the FIAU is to be enthusiastic about your work, to never stop learning and to keep up the team spirit.”

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Senior Associate within the Enforcement Section

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Data Protection Officer

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Associates within the Enforcement Section

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IT Assistant

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Recruitment Process

Step 1

Send us your detailed CV together with a covering letter using our application form. Your application will be carefully screened according to the required criteria as mentioned on the respective job vacancy. If shortlisted, you will be receiving an invitation to attend a first interview.

Step 2
First Interview

The interviewing panel will be eager to get to know more about yourself, your achievements and how you can contribute to the Unit. This would also be an opportunity for you to explore further the Unit and the respective position you have applied for.

Step 3
Second Interview

Following your first interview, we might ask you to carry out certain tests, subsequently, an evaluation will take place to explore in greater depth any particular areas as necessary. We will dive deeper to evaluate your soft skills, and seek ways on how you can contribute to the team and be a potential fit within the respective section. 

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