Public Private Partnerships

Effective public-private partnerships constitute a key and critical aspect in the global fight against money laundering and terrorism financing, as the prevention and detection of potential ML/TF cases is significantly dependent on the private sector’s implementation of effective AML/CFT programmes.

Public-private partnerships contribute to improving the quality of suspicious reporting, ensuring that subject persons have a good understanding of the ML/TF risks that they are exposed to, and to the identification of opportunities and ways of improving a country’s AML/CFT framework among others.
With this in mind, the FIAU has long been fostering its relationships with the private sector and has, over the years, developed a mature and fruitful public-private partnership programme with different initiatives and on various fronts.

FIAU’s Public-Private Partnership Programme
AML/CFT Joint Committee
AML/CFT Consultants Forum
AML/CFT Clinics
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