Our Structure


Roles & Responsibilities

Legal Affairs
The Legal Affairs Section of the organisation consists of two teams: the Legal & International Relations Team and the Guidance & Outreach Team.   Legal and International Relations Team:  Provides legal advice to internal sections, the Dire...
Intelligence Analysis
The Intelligence Analysis section plays a crucial role in collecting, processing, and analysing information from domestic and international sources, primarily focusing on reports related to suspicious transactions or activities filed by subject perso...
The Supervision Section is empowered to fulfil its functions at Law, through Article 16(1)(c) of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Its function revolves around monitoring anti-money laundering/combating the funding of terrorism (AML/CFT)...
The role of the Enforcement Section is to determine the administrative measures necessary in relation to identified AML/CFT breaches, and to ensure, that the failures identified are remediated by engaging with subject persons. This in fulfilment of t...
Cash Restriction
The Cash Restriction Section within the FIAU is entrusted to monitor and ensure compliance with the Use of Cash (Restriction) Regulations (S.L. 373.04) as empowered under Article 16(1)(m) of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (Chapter 373 of the ...
Data Management and Analytics
The Data Management and Analytics section is tasked with (i) the administration of the Centralised Bank Account Register (CBAR); (ii) the management and governance of data; and (iii) the analysis of data across different domains:   When it come...
Strategy, Policy and Quality Assurance
The Strategy Policy & Quality Assurance section was set up in late 2020. The main purpose is to provide guidance on the strategic direction, the logistical facilitation of implementation plans and subsequently, the assurance that the performance ...
People & Corporate Services
This section is the hub for comprehensive corporate support at FIAU, covering financial planning, human resources, procurement, logistics, and office administration. It also hosts the Communications and PR. Comprising four primary sub-sections, it ef...
Technology & Information Security
The Technology and Information Security section of the FIAU is dedicated to implementing and maintaining industry standards and governance to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and systems. This includes providing operati...
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