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Managing Fraud Risk - Forensics and Effective Controls


Live Webinar

Participants will learn about the various types of fraud and the modern threat landscape, in particular the important and developing danger of cyber crime. They will also be made aware of the motives and behaviours of fraudsters and so will be in a position to spot behavioural red flags.

A key part of developing an effective fraud risk management framework is being aware of those controls that work in practice and delegates will be taken through the key preventative measures and detective techniques used by organisations today to fight fraud.

Course Dates

Modules Date Time
  • Overview of the modern financial crime threat landscape
  • Analysis of fraud risk - scale, perpetrators, cyber threats, typography (including bribery and corruption)
  • Focus on the key prevention and detection controls
  • Responsibilities for managing fraud risk
  • Practical tips for accountants on preventing and detecting fraud
  • Review of cyber threats for SMEs and OMBs
  • Review of recent cases
05/11/2020 13:30 - 16:45



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