Past Events

Sector-Specific ML/FT Typologies, Red Flags, and Suspicious Transaction Reporting


Virtual Training

The FIAU is organising sector-specific training sessions on ML/FT typologies, red flags and Suspicious Transaction Reporting, which will be delivered remotely by AML/CFT expert trainers from Financial Transparency Advisory in conjunction with the FIAU.
These practical and interactive training sessions are intended to enhance risk understanding within each sector, and to improve the quality of suspicious transaction reports (STRs) submitted to the FIAU. Since the content is specifically tailored towards those tasked with submitting STRs, the sessions are limitedly and exclusively open for the registration of Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs) and/or Designated Employees (DEs). Owing to the registration limit, we urge subject persons to only register only once per entity.

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