Alfred Zammit


Alfred Zammit, Director of the FIAU, joined the Unit in 2010. He is responsible for assisting the Director in providing strategic direction to the various sections of the Unit, including the Intelligence Analysis Section, the Supervision and Enforcement section, and the Legal Affairs section.

Mr Zammit regularly participates in AML/CFT international workshops and conferences, and represents the FIAU in international fora, such as the meetings of the Egmont Group of FIUs, the EU FIU Platform and Moneyval, among others.

He has participated in various AML/CFT training sessions, both locally and internationally, and regularly contributes in formulating AML/CFT guidance documents, legal amendments and the transposition of EU AML/CFT directives.

Mr Zammit also participates in the various internal committees, including the Compliance Monitoring Committee, which reviews compliance cases and possible breaches by subject persons of the pertinent legislation.

In 2005, Mr Zammit graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Management and Economics from the University of Malta. After graduating, he joined the Central Bank of Malta and was responsible for the analysis and assessment of data of institutions operating in the bank and non-bank financial sectors as part of the Central Bank’s process assessing the economy’s financial stability. Prior to joining the FIAU, Mr Zammit also worked for several years within the private sector in the provision of company services.

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