Notice – CBAR System – End of Pilot Testing

16th September 2020

Pilot Testing

The FIAU would like to remind the reporting entities that are obliged to report to CBAR, that the pilot testing period will be closed today at end of day (16th September 2020 @ 11:59pm). We thank everyone who has taken part and contributed in this testing.

Data Clean-Up Procedure and Access

On the 17th to 18th September 2020, a data clean-up process will be performed on the anonymized data, except for the user registration data. During this process, access to the CBAR system will be disabled and will be re-enabled on the day of go-live which we will be communicating in the coming days.

XML File Upload

The FIAU would like to remind the subject persons that the upload of XML files can be performed within the 7 calendar days from the first day of go live date and continue to repeat the upload every 7 calendar days with the updated XML file. We suggest that the files are uploaded immediately on the first reporting day to allow enough time to resolve any technical issues encountered with your XML file. After go-live, it is important to remember to ensure that your data is now not anonymized or else it will be rejected and deleted.

Updated technical documentation and schema

The FIAU has publishing a new XSD schema (v1.0) and an updated technical documentation (v1.3) with further clarification, some relaxed validations and improved validations. Please refer to the version history for the changes. We anticipate that these changes are not disruptive to the previous schema; however, we strongly recommend to review the technical documentation and implement the XSD immediately as this will be used on the day of go live.

Please note that this notice is applicable to the subject persons within the Credit and Financial Institutions that hold payment accounts and bank accounts identified by IBAN, and safe custody services within the Maltese territory.