Report a Suspicious Transaction

Introducing goAML

As part of our ongoing efforts to fight money laundering and financing of terrorism, the FIAU has replaced the STR Submission System and implemented the goAML software solution, developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), which is already being successfully used by many Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) around the world.

The implementation of a fully integrated software designed specifically for FIU means that data can not only be collected in a more effective way, but also translates to a more efficient process of analysing and carrying out our investigations. 

The use of goAML will further enable reporting entities to submit their suspicious activity or suspicious transactions reports in a quicker and more efficient manner, as well as improve the communication flow between the FIAU, reporting entities and stakeholders.  

As a result, data and document collection and management, workflows and the entire analytical process will benefit.



Step 1 Registration in GoAML

All subject persons need to use the new goAML platform in order submit any suspicious activity or transaction reporting and as such, registration on the goAML platform is mandatory. For those who have not yet registered, please do so at your earliest convenience. 

A user guide can be consulted on the goAML platform.


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Step 2 Choose type of New Reports 

After Login In (please see link below), the user has the option in the system to choose between XML upload or Web Reports, for entering the relevant information and documentation manually. 


Step 3 Choose TYPE of report to use  

From June 2020, the FIAU will be differentiating between the type of reports submitted and the reporting entity would need to classify the report under the correct category since each report is handled differently:

  • STR - Suspicious transaction report;
  • SAR - Suspicious activity report;
  • TFR - Terrorism financing report;
  • PEPR - Politically exposed person report.


Step 4 Submit and await feedback  

After including all the information and documentation, reports can be saved and submitted. Once submitted, the reporting entity will receive feedback regarding the success of the submission. Should the submission be rejected, the reporting entity would need to correct the information according to the rejection message and resubmit the report. An additional feedback will be sent following this step.



Technical STR Reporting Instructions (goAML)

In preparation for the implementation of goAML, a Technical Workshop was organised for the top reporting entities on the implementation of the XML Schema. The presentation, explaining the purpose of the system and common question and answers, together with all the relevant updated technical information, can be found below.

 The technical package includes a PDF document with technical instructions, the official XSD, sample XML files and an XML Validator.

Subject Persons who encounter any technical difficulties can contact the FIAU via the Contact page. 

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From Suspicion To Action

Are you a subject person? Have you registered to goAML?

goAML Workshop Presentation

PowerPoint slides explaining the purpose of the project and frequently asked questions.

XML Schema

Includes the technical documentation, XML examples and XML validator.

goAML Q&As

Includes the technical questions and answers related to the goAML system

Reporting through goAML

Guidance to subject persons to clarify and assist with the reporting through the goAML platform

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