Webinars organized by the FIAU

The FIAU provides training courses for individuals and organisations in matters related to the duties of staff engaged by entities within the Financial Services sectors.

Sector-Specific ML/FT Typologies, Red Flags, and Suspicious Transaction Reporting

The FIAU is organising sector-specific training sessions on ML/FT typologies, red flags and Suspicious Transaction Reporting, which will be delivered remotely by AML/CFT expert trainers from Financial Transparency Advisory in conjunction with the FIAU.These practical and interactive training sessions are intended to enhance risk understanding within each sector, and to improve the quality of suspicious

FT Webinar

The webinar is intended to assist subject persons in understanding the Funding of Terrorism (FT), and to thus avoid being misused as vehicles for such. The first session of the two-part webinar focuses on the Maltese element of FT, and during the second part, we will discuss how the risk-based approach can be implemented by

Trade Based Money Laundering

The webinar is meant to assist subject persons in understanding and preventing such schemes by providing an overview of the main methods through which TBML takes place. In addition, a local case study will be presented, together with red flags that will assist in the detection of suspicious activity that may indicate TBML.

Money Laundering through Real Estate

Part I: “Money Laundering through Real Estate (Part I) – Typologies, Risk Factors, and Mitigating Measures”; and Part II: “Money Laundering through Real Estate (Part II) – Case Studies and Red Flags” The FIAU organised a Webinar on Money Laundering (ML) through Real Estate to complement the recently issued FIAU Guidance Paper for the Property

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