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Implementing Procedures

The Implementing Procedures are issued in terms of Regulation 17 of the Prevention of Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism Regulations (PMLFTR) and are binding on all persons carrying out relevant financial business or relevant activity from the date they are issued.

The main purpose of these Implementing Procedures is to provide guidance to subject persons in their implementation of the rules set out in the PMLFTR. In so doing, the Implementing Procedures assist subject persons to better understand and fulfil their obligations under the PMLFTR, ensuring an effective and harmonised implementation of the salient provisions.

Part I

Implementing Procedures


The Implementing Procedures are divided in two parts. Part I is applicable to all sectors and Part II applies to each sector specifically. The Implementing Procedures may, from time to time, be amended to ensure that they remain harmonised with amendments to legislation and other material developments originating from changes in international standards. Subject persons should, therefore, ensure that they always refer to the most recent version.

Part II

Remote Gaming Sector
Virtual Financial Assets Sector
Land-Based Casinos
Banking Sector - Repealed 



Other Documents:

Company Services Providers - In progress

Accountants and Auditors – In progress

Banks and Financial Institutions – In progress

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The FIAU issues guidance and interpretative notes to assist subject persons to fulfil their AML/CFT obligations.

Guidance Document

The Funding of Terrorism: Emerging Trends, Typologies, and Red Flags

Guidance Note

Joint Guidance Document on Accounts for FinTech

Guidance Note

STR Submissions from Remote Gaming Licensees 

Guidance Note

Transfer of Funds having Missing or Incomplete Information

Guidance Note

COVID-19: Remaining Vigilant Against a Changing Criminal Landscape

Guidance Note

Property Sector: Risk Factors, Mitigating Measures, Red Flags and Case Studies

Guidance Note

FIAU Notice in Response to the FinCEN Files

Guidance Note

AML/CFT Obligations in relation to Payment Accounts with Basic Features.
ML and TF Business Risk Assessment
Supervisory Guidance Paper on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Institutional/Business Risk Assessment

Interpretative Note

Relevant Activity for Notaries

Interpretative Note

Interpretative Note to assist legal procurators in determining when they are subject to AML/CFT obligations.

Interpretative Note

Interpretative Note clarifying when Professionals and Professional Firms are subject to AML/CFT obligations.

Interpretative Note

Relevant Activity for Lawyers


Country Statements

Annual Reports

The FIAU Annual Reports are issued in terms of Article 42(1) of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. These reports contain information on the operations of the Unit during the year under review, together with details of other developments and initiatives in the area of AML/CFT.

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