Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence Analysis

 The role of the Intelligence section is the collection, processing and analysis of information that is obtained from various domestic as well as international sources. The primary source of this information is the receipt of reports that relate to suspicious transactions or activity that are filed by subject persons.


In addition to disseminating analytical reports to the Police, in cases where the Unit has a reasonable suspicion of money laundering or funding of terrorism, the Intelligence Analysis Section also contributes significantly to the sharing of intelligence with other domestic authorities and foreign counterparts, both spontaneously and on request.


To carry out its analytical function, the Intelligence Analysis Section is split into three sub-sections, as outlined below.

Processing & Prioritisation

This section is responsible for the initial handling of all incoming intelligence to identify those cases that require a more in-depth analysis and the sharing of intelligence spontaneously, as necessary, with domestic and foreign counterparts.


This section consists of two areas, which respectively handle cases relating to suspected money laundering and cases of suspected funding of terrorism.

Strategic Analysis & International Co-operation

This section handles all incoming requests for information, which is being sought to combat ML/FT, from the FIAU’s domestic and foreign counterparts.

This section also conducts periodic strategic analyses to identify areas of risk, trends and typologies within various sectors. 

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