Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) Launches New Website

7th March 2024

The FIAU is pleased to announce that today it launched its new website. Following plenty of research, background work and based on feedback received from website users, our new website features several new improvements and offers increased accessibility. The FIAU’s website is an important touch-point for subject persons and other stakeholders, and the improvements seek to enhance overall user-experience.

One of the main game changers is the implementation of an advanced search engine, which now searches document titles, content in documents, and all other content on the website.

The FIAU’s website has become a source of reference for subject persons who need to be familiar with laws, regulations, and guidance issued by the FIAU or other bodies in relation to Anti Money Laundering and Counter Funding of Terrorism. The website is, by nature, content heavy. Therefore, apart from an advanced search engine, we also reorganised content for more self-intuitive navigation. This has been achieved through various tools, such us a clear ‘functions bar’ pointing users in the right direction, mega menus, a help section and a “Don’t Miss” feature on the homepage.

In 2020, the Unit had undergone complete rebranding. Since then, the brand has been developed and new layers added to bring it in line with current needs and trends. These changes have been reflected in the visuals of the new website.

Our in-house team also created a short walk-through video which aims to support users in familiarising themselves with the new site. However, it is not exhaustive and users are invited to take a few minutes of their time and explore further. For queries, please email the FIAU at [email protected]

FIAU Website
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