Reporting through goAML – Update July 2022

19th July 2022

The FIAU has issued a guidance document about Reporting through goAML. This document is an update to the one published by the FIAU on 29/01/2021.  This document aims to help clarify the reporting process, the types of reports which may be submitted and how to decide which is the one required.  The key updates provided by this guidance document are in relation to:

  1. When Subject Persons are required to submit a report in accordance with the Directive dated 17/12/2019 in terms of Article 30C of the PMLA concerning dealings with Natural or legal persons having connections with Iran
  2. When to submit an AIF

The understanding of the reporting process through goAML is essential to subject persons as it is their legal obligation to submit reports.  Submitting quality reports is critical for the FIAU to be able to perform its functions better and have adequate information to trigger its processes.

To read the full document click below: