Webinar- Implementing Procedures Part I: Recent Amendments (RECORDING AVAILABLE)


Webinar- Implementing Procedures Part I: Recent Amendments (RECORDING AVAILABLE)

November 11, 2021

11th November 2021

In October 2021, the FIAU issued a revised version of the Implementing Procedures Part I (IPs Part I). To complement these new amendments, the FIAU is organising a webinar which will be held on Wednesday 24 November, from 13:00 till 14:15 (CET) and which is of interest to all subject persons.

This webinar is intended to assist subject persons in familiarising themselves with the amendments which have been made to the IPs Part I. Further guidance on the amendments which took place may be accessed on the FIAU’s website.

The webinar is being provided free of charge and interested persons may register for the session by clicking below:

Interested persons may also watch a recording of the webinar which will be uploaded on the FIAU’s website following its completion.

Webinar Guidelines

  • To ensure that everyone connects on time, it is advised to join 15 minutes before the scheduled time to tackle any IT-related issues.
  • Agenda briefing will start according to the scheduled time.
  • The sessions will be recorded for our Guidance & Outreach Initiatives and will subsequently be posted and shared online.
  • Questions can be submitted during the presentation of the session and will be answered in the Q&A session. Please submit only relevant questions.