Notice – CBAR System – Downtime and Updates


Notice – CBAR System – Downtime and Updates

December 7, 2020



The FIAU would like to inform CBAR Reporting Entities that on Monday 14th December between 07:00 AM and 12:00 PM there will be a scheduled down time. During this maintenance window, MoveIT ( and CBAR Portal ( will be inaccessible. All operations around the platform, including file submission, validation report generation and user registration will resume immediately after the maintenance window.

In this respect, the FIAU would like to remind CBAR Reporting Entities that the reporting obligation of one submission every seven day rolling period is a minimum and one is allowed to submit ahead of the seventh day. The deadline for next submission will adjust accordingly with every submission.

New Features and Validation Rules updates

The FIAU will be using this time to add new features and perform updates to the validation rules as summarised hereunder:

  • API Submission

CBAR Reporting Entities will be able to submit their XML file using their own internal software over API calls. In this regard, the FIAU will be reaching out to entities which have requested API access at registration to provide username, password and certificate to enable API submission.

  • Case Message Board

Inclusion of a case message board to facilitate and centralise communication between CBAR Team and CBAR Reporting Entities in relation to generic queries, notifications and clarifications on submissions.

  • Email Notifications

System-generated scheduled email notifications will be sent out to CBAR Reporting Entities as a reminder towards their reporting obligations.

  • Non-disruptive changes to the Validation Rules

Validation Rules L3.31 and L3.32 concerning reporting of closed accounts and relationships will be updated to allow for the option to report closed accounts or relationships in the past two months. Notwithstanding, Reporting Entities are advised to retain the current one month convention. Reporting Entities which would like to extend their extraction logic to two months will need to inform the FIAU beforehand and approval will only be granted when the reason is deemed justifiable.

Validation Rule L3.9 will be updated to allow for the use of round brackets ( ) in names of natural persons.

The XML Schema and Validation Rules document which is available on will be updated to reflect these changes.