Updates from Europol

18th September 2023

Updates from Europol

The FIAU would like to inform subject persons about the following publications that have been issued by Europol:

  1. The European Financial and Economic Crime Threat Assessment 2023 titled The Other Side of the Coin: An Analysis of Financial and Economic Crime
    On the 11th September 2023, Europol published the aforementioned report which analyses current and emerging threats in the sphere of financial and economic crime. It explores the development of threats posed by money laundering, corruption, and criminal finances. These crimes are also examined from an international approach, particularly vis-à-vis serious and organised crime, where criminal networks use financial and economic crime purposely to obscure and benefit from the profits made by such illegal practices.

  2. IOCTA 2023 on Cyber-Attacks: The Apex of Crime as a Service
    The report in mention explores the developments in cyber-attacks, particularly relating to new methodologies and threats noted by Europol. It also notes the types of criminal structures behind cyber-attacks, and how changes in geopolitics are being exploited by them.
    Updated on the 13th September, this report is the first in a series of Spotlight Reports published by Europol as part of the Internet Organised Crime Assessment (IOCTA) 2023, with each report investigating emerging trends in a particular area of cybercrime.

Both reports can be directly accessed hereunder, and are also published on the FIAU’s website here